HTC Touch Pro2 modifications and stuff:

"...Improving a near perfect device."

Norwegian Hardware-Keyboard

I could not wait for the Norwegian version of this device, so I bought the original one, about one month earlier.
Also added TAB. The only drawback was the lack of Norwegian keys ().
So I made this solution:

Click here to download and install this CAB file, it's very small. Only 1970bytes.
Your hardware-keyboard will be mapped like:
For "" , press Fn+"E"
For "" , press Fn+"O"
For "" , press Fn+"A"
For "TAB" , press Fn+"T"
The dash (-) is reallocated from Fn+"O" to Fn+"D" ("D" for "Dash")

GPSTweaker  (GPS Always on)   

This tiny application lets you choose between the default GPS bahavior, and "Always On"

The default GPS bahavior is like:  GPS module is switched off if you press the suspend button, if the device sleeps, or there is no program using it.
I wished to use Tracky to log my tracks, with the device suspended, in pocket - So I needed to change  HTC Touch Pro2 behavior so it did not put GPS to sleep together with display.
This software configures the device so that GPS device is not switched off when you press the suspend button, nor if the device sleeps, only if there is no program using it.

  GPSTweaker  Click here to download GPSTweaker.exe - a standalone program file for HTC Touch Pro2